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Mutual trust
Dobmeiers compete in ranch rodeos

ALBANY – To do well in ranch rodeo competition, the horse and rider must work together as one.

“It’s definitely not something that a person can just buy a horse and go do,” Gracie Dobmeier said. “As a rider, you have to build that trust with your horse and know that horse inside and out.”

Gracie, now 22, and just finishing her registered nursing degree, has been competing in ranch rodeos since she was about 12. She first competed alongside her older brother, Austin.

Now that Austin has a wife and child and has come home to dairy farm, he has not had time to compete the past few years.
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When a  scientist farms
Wiegrefe develops hazelnuts,
incorporates sheep on diversified farm

MABEL – When Dr. Sue Wiegrefe harvests hazelnuts, the process can only be described as scientific. As a plant geneticist, Wiegrefe is applying her skills to produce exceptional hazelnut genetics.

Wiegrefe owns Prairie Plum Farm, which is a 14.5-acre farm where she raises hazelnuts, elderberries, sheep, apples, pears and … wild plums, the namesake of the farm.

Wiegrefe planted her first hazelnuts in 2015. She is working to develop hazelnut genetics to provide a high-quality seed. 
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